2016: The Year Of…

I have noticed an increase in the trend of eschewing traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” and instead picking a word for the year or a theme for the year. I don’t think I picked a resolution or a theme for 2015, but looking back it is clear to see the theme of the year was “Travel/Exploration.” This is something I am so happy about– being privileged enough to have these getaways.

I was so busy I only blogged 13 times in 2015, disappointing myself. This year I will blog more, and I’ll probably work my way through my recent photos and put together a few blog posts about last fall’s travels even though it’s been a while at this point.

Anyway, in reflection on how scattered I was last year, and inspired by my friend Libby’s decision to follow her dreams, I’m going to designate the theme of 2016 as “Focus.” I want to focus on a couple larger trips instead of lots of weekend trips. I’d also like to streamline and focus my finances and priorities with the ultimate goal of starting my own small business, possibly a year  from now. By reminding myself on a constant basis to focus, I hope to be more purposeful and productive, building habits that support this goal.

2016 Year of Focus

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution or a theme for 2016 yet?


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One thought on “2016: The Year Of…”

  1. I love the idea of committing to (or even just recognizing) a theme for the year. I can tell that one over-arching theme in my life this year was new friendships! Which has been so fun.

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