Year of Focus: Check in 1

If meaning to blog was the same as actually blogging, I’d have posted probably 5 or 6 times already this year. Alas, this is my second post of 2016. I thought I would check in on how I’m doing, a month into my “year of focus,” and link to a few interesting things I’ve seen online lately.

Travel: Like I said before, I’m focusing more on a few large trips and not as many small weekend getaways this year. We’ve booked a trip for Washington DC, and it’s going to be six days, believe it or not! Looking forward to having more than one day off work and showing Doug a city that I love and he’s never seen before. Also bracing myself for the cold (we’re going while it’s still winter. Eek!)

Business: Trying to focus on starting my business is long term, really long term, which leads to a bit of discouragement. But I’m trying to rustle up some clients for my side hustle, manuscript preparation, and stash that money away. I’ve also enrolled in another evening class, this time on graphic design– last semester I took a business plan writing class. Baby steps!

Personal: Our Mac has been having problems lately so I’ve been using Pixlr to edit photos for the web, but I needed something better for print. I quit hemming and hawing about the $10 a month and signed up for Photoshop Creative Suite (cloud-based). Now I can get down to business on my annual photobook. I managed to re-edit all of my LA photos, so expect a few of those to make their way onto the blog shortly. Even though those trips were months ago.

Work: Work has been forcing me to focus because ever since the students have come back it’s been crazy busy. I mean, like, crazy. It’s good because it makes the day go by much faster, but it’s sad because it means less downtime to look at memes.

Links: The title says it all, but Donald Trump Accidentally Sat Through A Sermon About Welcoming Immigrants. Also, do you suffer from Information Overload? I bet you do…  And, I don’t have kids but I found this article on life with toys interesting. I think it can apply to adults too, and “junk” that always accumulates in our lives.

So, I’ve checked in… how are you doing?


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