My Unread Library

Most people who are into books, I think, have the tendency to pick up volumes when they see a good deal, and then not have time to read them all. I am one of those people– and so this year I’m going to make an effort to read through a big chunk of my unread library! Some of these books are partially read, some of them I’ve had for (ugh) years and still haven’t gotten to. Changes are afoot!


One of my problems is that I have quite a few “heavy” books on here that I’m never “in the mood” to read. I’m sure if I make myself invest the time, I’ll be happy I did. I’m not gonna force myself to read 50 books this year, or even 12 for that matter, because between work and life I am always busy. BUT! I’m definitely trying to go “screen free” a couple of nights a week and spend that time reading or playing board games or other interesting activities.

Below is a partial list. I have more unread books, but these are the ones on my “hit list” for the near future. Have you read any of them? Did you like or dislike them? Anything I should know!

A Passage to India – EM Forster
Don’t Stop the Carnival – Herman Wouk
After Long Silence – Helen Fremont
Suite Francaise – Irene Nemirovsky
Maps for Lost Lovers – Nadeen Aslam
Reading Lolita in Tehran – Azar Nafisi
A Bloodsmoor Romance – Joyce Carol Oates – working on right now!
Daughter of Fortune – Isabel Allende
The Joy Luck Club – Amy Tan
Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert

There are more on my Kindle but I won’t go there (right now).

Many of these will be found at your local library! If you want to read along with me shoot me a message! Maybe we should do a monthly reading club? I enjoyed when A Beautiful Mess had their “book of the month.”


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4 thoughts on “My Unread Library”

  1. I was just packing up my books for the big move and realized that I haven’t read MOST OF THEM. It’s kind of embarrassing but also, I just really love books and holding them and having them on my shelf for just in case I ever need them. I like shopping for books so much more than actually sitting down and reading them, sometimes. It’s hard for me to find the time–my attention span is so short anymore. I go through reading phases and I’m just not in one yet. It’ll come back around, though.
    I’m working my way through Big Magic, though, slowly. Have you read it?

    1. I haven’t read Big Magic yet. I read Eat, Pray, Love the January I moved to McPherson (2010) and I was so-so on her ~life philosophies~. I do not doubt that her writing would affect me differently 6 years later! I have been hearing so many rave reviews that I think I will need to pick up Big Magic. After checking a few books off my unread library, of course.

  2. I have always wanted to read Joy Luck Club as well. I think we should read it together so that we can discuss it during and after, plus it will motivate us both to read a book! :o)

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