Writing Elsewhere: Feminist Friday

Today I am over at XOXO, Lib taking part in her Feminist Friday series. It is such an honor to be included in this conversation. I’ve shared about how I became a feminist, what it’s like living on the West Coast vs. the Midwest, and what feminism looks like in my daily life. I’ve been inspired by the interviewees who’ve come before me and I’m very much looking forward to reading those that follow. Please head over and check it out!

Firmoo Glasses

A preview:

What does feminism mean to you?
To me, feminism means recognizing my inherent worth in comparison to those around me. Spoiler alert: we all have equal worth! Our opinions are worthy to be shared, our feelings are worthy of being felt, and our goals are worthy of being explored. After a lifetime of low self-esteem, becoming feminist has helped me gain more self-confidence. I wouldn’t say those things are one and the same, but in my journey, both aspects have helped each other grow.

Click on over to XOXO, Lib to read the rest.


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4 thoughts on “Writing Elsewhere: Feminist Friday”

  1. Where did you live in Kansas? Former Kansan here now living in Colorado. I was very, very glad to get out.

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