Year of Focus: Check in 2

I’d originally planned on checking in on my New Year’s Theme at the end of every month. So I did January. But I hadn’t been putting up many blog posts, and I didn’t want my only posts to be “Year of Focus” check-ins, so I skipped a month. Then I skipped 5 months.

2016 Year of Focus

Here we are at the [almost] end of June. Halfway through the year. I’d like to think that I have been more focused this year. Things have been busy (vacation!!) but I am feeling much less scattered than I did last summer. Pulled in fewer directions.

Travel: We focused our energy and money on two big trips this year, and now they are behind us. Washington DC in March was great! I haven’t blogged about it because it was very cold when we were there—then when we got back things instantly turned to spring/summer and all my bare tree photos just seemed really discordant. So, I’ll be posting a trip review on that in the fall. We just got back from Europe last week and I’m working on posts and photos from London, Paris, and Madrid. We had a wonderful time and took some great photos (if I do say so myself). It troubles me to see what the UK is going through this morning. Now, naturally (I’m such a planner), I’m working on the next trip, which will be around Christmastime.

Business: So after last fall semester, my business plan is completed. This spring I took a graphic design class which I think will help me in my long-term goals. My short-term goals involve pursuing Typecrafters clients, selling a bit more on ebay / etsy, and doing any side gig that comes my way to stash money away (bit by bit) towards my eventual opening. Oh, and getting introduced to potential investors which is really scary, intimidating, and exhilarating.

Personal: Last time in the personal section, I wrote about how our iMac was on the fritz. I’ve been working hard and putting money away and last week I bought a new computer. YAY! Now I can get down to business on the blog and on business-related things.

So, we’ve made it halfway through an overall, pretty rough 2016 so far. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution or pick a theme for 2016? How are you doing on it? 


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2 thoughts on “Year of Focus: Check in 2”

  1. Welcome back! It is great to know that you are still focused. I did have a plan for this year and I keep changing it. Actually evolving!

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