A Quick Day in Lawrence, KS

It’s crazy to think that one week ago we were leaving Kansas after a whirlwind trip for Doug’s little brother’s graduation in the center of the state. Isn’t it crazy how quickly time goes by once you return from vacation? Anyway, the relative passage of time is neither here nor there. When we arrived at the Kansas City airport we picked up our rental car, met with a friend for lunch, and then high-tailed it to our favorite city in the Sunflower State: Lawrence. To be honest, I can’t believe I haven’t done a profile on Lawrence yet!


One thing I’ve noticed in life is this: If you want to find the best donuts in town, find out where the senior citizen crowd goes. You certainly won’t find the most aesthetically pleasing joint, but you will find the best donuts. Start your day in Lawrence out at Munchers Bakery. The cream cheese donuts were highly recommended, but I loved my blueberry and apple fritters.

Munchers Donuts

Once your’e hopped up on sugar and caffeine, burn off some of that energy by heading over to Clinton Lake for some fresh air and pretty scenery, or take a stroll around KU–the University of Kansas.

Then, head over to the most popular part of town– Massachusets St (called Mass St). If you truly wanted to, it would be easy to spend the entire day on Mass, poking around each and every shop–varying from big chains like Gap, to antique stores, music stores, and more.

Arriving at Mass Street, you’re probably ready for lunch. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is a great restaurant to fit the bill.

Notable shops include…

Love Garden Sounds, a music store with a wide variety of CDs and Vinyl, including some hard-to-finds. Since I’ve been visiting Lawrence the shop has been in three different locations, but the loyal customers take it all in stride. The shopfront they’re in now has a primo location so I don’t anticipate any shakeups for a while. Isn’t the deconstructed piano in their front window incredible?

Love Garden

Love Garden

Wild Man Vintage is a clothing store dealing in (you guessed it) vintage. It rules, but we’re biased because our buddy works here. But really, look at that amazing selection of vintage boots!

Wild Man Vintage

Wild Man Vintage

In the evening, catch a show at Liberty Hall, The Granada, The Bottleneck, or even Jackpot!  I’ve seen several shops at Liberty Hall and they have been some of the best ones I’ve ever been to. It’s easy to get really close to the stage!

After the show head back to your friend’s apartment–you are staying with a college buddy, right? And partake in a time-tested tradition–ordering a midnight pizza from Fat Freddy’s. Their delivery hours are insanely late: up to 3 and 4 AM!

Anyway… that’s what I’d do! ;)


IKEA Kansas City

Okay, I had other things on my mind for today but seeing how (by my estimations) about half of my readership lives in the Midwest, this is BIG NEWS. I hereby interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.


Read the full article on the Kansas City Star website.

This is huge for low-budget interior decor enthusiasts like myself. You may remember that a year ago, my cousin got hitched in Dallas and we snuck in an IKEA trip while we were there, which resulted in the long, looong boxes being slid into the car in a very tricky way–we had to fold down the passenger seat and the right rear seat and put the boxes in all the way up to the glove box. Then I had to ride in the back rear seat, single file behind Doug all the way back to Kansas (7+ hours).

Now, for those of you in central Kansas that trip is down to THREE HOURS or less! Think of the eight hours saved round trip and smile to yourselves. I am definitely smiling for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Take a Tour: The White Peacock

About a month ago, I started hearing a lot of buzz about this coffee and tea house in Lindsborg, KS called The White Peacock. I couldn’t stand the mystery any longer, so I headed over to check it out and I was immediately smitten. Today I stopped back in and they allowed me to take a few photos to share with you! I’m so glad I got a chance to visit again.

I love the Scandinavian style. Decor like this isn’t something one normally sees in Kansas, but considering that Lindsborg is known as “Little Sweden,” it is totally fitting, and a breath of fresh air. I love the pairing of wood tones with white and cream neutrals, with red and earth-tone accents. The reason the neutrals work without being boring is the overwhelming lightness of the wood and white finishes, with the unexpected pops of red.

Coffee and tea, yes, they had these things as one would expect… but they much more… like baked goods, candy, fudge, and a reading room (where you can borrow the books, if I’m not mistaken)!

And an expertly gardened backyard with room for a lot more people. If only it wasn’t so 100° today…

If you’d like to go, their address is 124 S Main, Lindsborg, KS. Check out their facebook for hours and location. Personally, if I had lived closer this whole time, I would have spent every Saturday morning out in that garden with a book and a yummy coffee –try the vanilla honey latte!

This is the first time I’ve shot a business. Do you like it?
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