Paris-Inspired Terrace

Is it just me, or are Wednesday afternoons kind of a drag around blog world? Do lots of bloggers give themselves Wednesday afternoons off? Hope this post can serve as a little pick-me-up.

So, in my dream world I have a two-story row house that faces a quaint street and has a balcony on the top level overlooking the street. Private parking space in back, please.


Perfectly calling to mind the ubiquitous smoking terraces outside French brasseries, two of these café chairs with this little side table would be the perfect place to have breakfast or watch the world go by. The chairs are $159 each, which is pretty steep but considering that they are commercial-grade chairs I’d expect them to de very durable and last a really long time. I’d master the perfect Cafe au Lait (Photo by Piefinger) and sip it while flipping through my new favorite picture book, Paris in Color.

There is something so Parisian about smoking and ash trays. However, if you don’t smoke (I don’t) you can still use this little catch-all for sunflower or pistachio shells as you snack outside on a lovely afternoon. If you don’t have a real small dog to sit at your feet (like many Parisians do), this bronze one looks ready to play. Complete the Street-side motif with this authentic vintage street sign.

There you have it! This seriously is my dream balcony. If anyone finds 2 café chairs cheaper than this one, please let me know! 

One question: Do you prefer me writing the items in paragraph form like I did here, or bullet form like I did yesterday


Pick Me! Pick Me!

Image from The Paris Apartment via Pinterest

Did you know that Oh Happy Day is giving away a trip for two to Paris? If you’re more blogosphere-savvy than me, chances are, you do. If not, now you know!

Yes, Paris, France. Not Texas.

I can’t imagine visiting Paris and not having to share a hostel room with random strangers… the Russian girls I met were nice, but it would be incredible to have a luxurious room like the one offered!

I know that by linking here I increase my chance of winning by one… but also if you all enter the contest then my chance of winning decreases. C’est la vie.  Click here for details on how to enter!



I will be back later this afternoon with photos of what our living room currently looks like… don’t touch that dial! Actually, if your computer has a dial, I want to know how you operate it.