Happy FriYay!

Convoy Street

Last weekend, a bunch of our friends went to Palm Springs but we backed out at the last minute due to logistics and such. We had a little in-town date though, at a buzzy new restaurant called Pokiritto. I guess a poke bowl is kind of like a deconstructed sushi roll? And a sushi burrito is… woah, big. I loved it. But, I’d just as soon go out for normal sushi. Afterwards we crossed the street to Iceskimo and got some snow ice, which is kind of like if a snowcone had a baby with frozen yogurt.

This weekend, we’re having a small garage sale. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get a little cash!

Here are a couple of links to take you into the weekend… 

I finished reading Ready Player One (our May book club selection) but there is still time to read if you’d like to join us! It’s upper-YA, so, a pretty quick read once you get into it.

Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies are so thrilling! Until Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy came along, they were my favorite superhero movies… but what if the story of the X-Men had been directed by Wes Anderson?

All the shows we watch during the normal cycle have finished (wasn’t the season ending of New Girl sweet?) so to fill in the gap we have started watching Angie Tribeca on Hulu. If you like on-the-nose style of comedy like the movie Airplane! then you’ll like this.


Friday Funday

I’ve spent the last few days publishing the bi-monthly newsletter that my church puts out. It has kept me busy and it’s the most fun and creative part of my job because I get to experiment with simple design and page layout. You’d think that the church web site would be the most creative and fun but…. it’s not. It has caused me nothing but problems from day one. I absolutely adore wordpress for blogging purposes but it’d be nice to have a little more control over the website design. Or I guess I could teach myself .php. Maybe there’s an evening class in Wichita…?

Doug and I at In N Out in Dallas; my brain had a hard time understanding which state we were actually in. The photo will make more sense after you see link #1.

Anyway, Friday link roundups seem to be very popular among the blogging type. It’s not something I’m gonna do weekly, because face it, sometimes everyone links to the same stuff in a big-ol-circle of viral internet sharing. Kind of like pink-eye in a preschool class. You’re welcome for that comparison.

I am going to share a few cool things that have stood out to me this week.

  1. For our next cookout (we have a grill now!) I’m going to attempt this In N Out Double Double (animal style) copycat recipe.
  2. This “chicken chapel” is giving me big ideas for Mosey’s eventually-to-be-built doghouse. The only question is to start attempting to build it this fall or wait until spring? Maybe build it in the basement during the winter and then assemble outside? I’m getting excited.
  3. I would love to come up with some signature writing styles for this more modern take on calligraphy. “Why yes, you can pay me to address your wedding invite envelopes for you! ” Actually, not yet. Still have to practice more.
  4. Can I find a way to incorporate some kind of ribbon art installation (scroll down a few pictures, you’ll know it when you see it) into my house’s exterior? What kind of ribbon would hold up best against “the elements?”

Feel free to share something AWESOME that you did/saw/learned this week in the comment section.