Haiti out of Reach

Haiti keeps being dangled in front of me, and pulled away, like teasing a cat with string. If they need volunteers so badly, why do they make it so expensive to go? In October 2009 I almost had an opportunity, but going would have meant missing 2 midterms. Now I have the opportunity of going for a week but it is extremely expensive, $2000. I wouldn’t want the Mr. to miss the opportunity (he wants to go too) so that makes the trip in¬†actuality¬†$4000. (Half of our remaining car loan, to put in perspective).

I’m stuck in a catch-22. I want to be involved in international development, but my international experience is fairly limited (the result of studying abroad for 6 weeks as opposed to a whole semester). Without considerable international experience, my job prospects are limited–many applicants will surpass me in this. However, our current financial situation won’t allow us to just drop everything and fly away.

I guess this is an exercise in faith and patience. I hate exercise.