Finding your Sense of Design

Today it hit me right in the face. Pinterest is great for collecting cute pictures, funny sayings, etc. but I was revisiting some older pins on my boards and I noticed a few things. By looking at things I pinned a few months ago up through today, it’s fun and easy to get a grasp on an over-arching personal style.

For example, a theme I see running through my “personal environment” board is yellow, yellow, yellow. Even though I am tempted to jump on the shades-of-gray interior (paint) bandwagon, I seem to keep coming back to yellow, especially tones like my current living room. I don’t know how else to describe it other than that it’s calming and exciting at the same time. I’m also crazy about the pops of blue like you can glimpse in some pins below.

Below you can see some of my newer pins, in which yellow is clearly a recurring theme–my goal is for the next place we live in to have a cohesive color plan to be carried throughout the whole house/apartment. These two boards working together should give me a jumping-off place, and allow me to organize my thoughts on the subject before diving in, roller in hand.

Clearly, whenever we move I’m not going to buy all new stuff. But I feel like curating my style in this way helps me identify what I like so I don’t set out shopping without a plan, new possibilities to try out with my existing stuff, inspirations to DIY, and some statement-makers to save my pennies for (who knew curtains were so expensive?!).

  • Do you decorate with a plan or allow your room to evolve over time? I think I fell into the latter, but I’m trying to plan more these days. 
  • Requesting an invite from pinterest takes time, but if you want an account, comment here with your e-mail and I will send you one!! 



Just a thought

I love Google Reader. I can instantly add blogs to follow and read every latest posts all in once place.

However, something’s missing from reading each blog individually, and that’s the layout of each blog in question. I know bloggers spend hours on making their sites look good (I do too, even if it’s just a pre-made theme… yep, the secret’s out).

Does anyone know of an aggregator that would clue me in on when new posts have been written and just link me to the site? Perhaps I’m asking too much of the internets….

Hooray for Internet TV!

Being the cable-less family that we are, I don’t have access to HGTV the way I used to when I was living with my parents. So, I was really sad when I couldn’t see the Secrets From A Stylist premiere last Saturday, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I got to watch it this afternoon (instead of working on my picture hanging project in the dining room)!

Photo schlooped (yeah, it’s a new word) from Emily Henderson’s Blog and taken by Laure Joliet.

I absolutely love this blue and yellow color combo. It’s perfectly vintage and comfortable looking, without screaming “I got all my furniture at goodwill!” (I think that at times, regardless of how hard I try, my living room screams that statement. Working on it.

Unfortunately, it took me like an hour to watch a 30 minute show due to HGTV’s bad buffering (I’m blaming it on their site because Hulu doesn’t seem to have as bad of a problem).

I love Emily’s quirky personality and dedication to using vintage pieces. What better way to help the planet than to avoid buying newly manufactured goods? Anyway, she makes me totally jealous that going to the Rose Bowl flea market is part of her job description. Gotta find me some good vintage furniture stores around these parts.

What did you think of the premiere?