Bonus Shot

Two posts in a day! You sure are lucky.

Yesterday, we finally had a show to quench I Heard A Lion‘s dry spell. They sounded fantastic. Though attendance was low, I was excited to support a good cause and I was pleasantly surprised by the local community building’s amphitheater. A little shabby, a little vintage… I want curl up in there and make it my home.

Still can’t believe I found that completely functional vintage Wurlitzer stage piano free at the dump.

Let’s consider last night a warm up for Thursday’s show which will be very different and very, very fun. Readers, you are invited to join us at 608 East Douglas, Wichita, KS, Thursday night at… nine-ish?

Dr Dog

New music today: Dr Dog.

This album came out yesterday. Listened to it. Liked it so much, I listened to it again right away.

Great if you like Vampire Weekend and/or the Rolling Stones. Or if you like good music in general. If you have Spotify (which I could not handle a day at work without), feel free to have a listen.

They were in Lawrence on Feb 2nd. So if you want to see them live, build a time machine. Or live somewhere other than Kansas.