Check and Almost Check

My, my, my I have let this blog go to waste. I profusely apologize and offer the feeble excuse that last week was my last week of classes. One final down, one to go, and my time at PLNU shall draw to a close once and for all. Wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts tomorrow at 1pm PST :)

I’m packing up and finding it difficult to draw the line between what to keep and what to get rid of. I have the urge to get rid of things so that I can start afresh with decorations, etc (if I had it my way I’d completely redecorate my room/apartment/whatever every 12 months). However, I know this is not practical and that I must save my money for when I really move after the wedding… savings savings savings. So… how do I reinvent the things that I have in new and interesting ways? The good news is the only pieces of furniture I’m bringing with me are my bed (w/mattress) and dresser. This gives me the freedom to pick up pieces from any one of at least 10 thrift stores! (Side note… small-town Kansas is a thrifter’s dream!)

As far as wedding planning is going, I have some design thoughts floating around in my mind… after my final I’ll probably put them into an inspiration board then, lucky you, I’ll upload it here so you have have some idea of what I’m tending towards…

Now, for some real progress… I bought a dress. Yes I did. I just got it last night and tried it on and was not “wowed.” I’ll have to try it on again when its not the end of a long day and when my hair is doing better things. It will have to be altered, of course. If I don’t end up LOVING it, it may be back to square one. Anyone have thoughts? And no, its not this one…

On a happier note and one that I am more sure of, I chatted with a friend of mine and he’s agreed to be my photographer. I love that since it’s in Kansas he’s considering it a “destination wedding.” Maybe it is for him since he’s going to be traveling. Anyway you can check out his stuff here and here. I’m really excited about this part.


Morocco Photos

This isn’t news if you kept up with La Route Libre, but… I went to Morocco this summer. Anyway, today I’m entering a few of my pictures in a contest run by the study abroad company I went with, and did some minor photo editing (brightness, contrast, saturation) before sending them in (the form on the website wasn’t working but that’s a different story) so I figured I’d upload them here just for funsies. You’ve seen ’em before but these are the richer versions. I guess you could say I consider these the best photos of the trip? I have other favorites too of course.

Someday I’ll have a nice shiny expensive camera that takes pictures this rich with little to no post-editing :)

Morocco Submission 1 SL
I tried to take a discreet, candid photo and the man looked up as I snapped it.
Morocco Submission 2 SL
Taken at Medersa Ben Yoursef in Marrakech.
Morocco Submission 3 SL
In Morocco, it’s like cats outnumber people. Taken at the Chellah ruins; over 40 cats have free run of the place.

Ready for my Closeup

Today I was but an accessory in my friend’s photography project: the first in her series of “modern classics,” in which she finds inspiration from classic stories and paintings (she is an Art History major) and changes them up in a way that would be appropriate for today. Today we tackled the Judgment of Paris, and did our own version of something like this (focus on the figures to the right):

No, we were not nude.
Kind of wish we got to wear these 1600s dresses.

I got to play modern Athena, complete with fake assault rifle (that’s what you get for being goddess of war I guess). She’s working on photoshopping the pics as I type this and I should have my mitts on one to show you all in the next few days.

I was happy to be photographed (I’m so vain, I certainly think this song is about me–catch the Carly Simon reference?) and happy to do this favor for my friend. I had a great time with the other models too!