Rain, and Confidence

So, the original plan for today was to take pictures of our small balcony to share on the blog, because it is really cute. However, it’s really cloudy and chilly (in the 60s) and won’t even get into the 70s today. Just doesn’t feel like the right time to capture the summery happiness of our little terrace.

Then, as I was catching up on reading the design blogs I’m subscribed to on Bloglovin (follow this blog here), I heard really, really heavy raindrops on the roof. And you know what? For the first time since 2010 I did not wince in nervousness. I didn’t worry about a roof leak at all!


For those of you who might not be in the know, my first apartment in Kansas (shared with Lisa, then with Doug) had two glorious, magnificent, huge, and leaky skylights. Every Kansas thunderstorm that rolled through had the potential to become a lake in the dining room. Lisa and I got really good at remembering where the drips went and had an elaborate system of towels and kitchenware that we’d employ during those months. Added onto this was the absentee landlord who never really repaired anything. Although he was well aware of the leak, he employed our construction-savvy neighbor to do “band aid” fixes on it that never solved the problem one-hundred percent.

Our second place never actually leaked on us, but next door neighbors had clued us into its leaky history. Luckily, I think the person who my in-laws bought it from had ultimately fixed the leaks once and for all. However, the mystery behind the history of the run-down house always left me a little uneasy, not to mention the shadow I would have felt on my heart if my in-laws had ended up needing to shell out the big bucks for roof repair.

Today, however, was totally different. Not only did the heavy rain pass through in less than five minutes, but I had the confidence in the knowledge that if something had happened, there are two full-time maintenance guys that I could alert to the situation. It is their job to fix things out of control in the complex. My rent helps pay their salary to do that!! What a concept, right?

That, my friends, is why I’m currently A-OK with living in a cookie cutter complex.