Selfie Challenge Reflection

It always stumped me that Instagram pictures of myself got many likes, compared to the most artistic neighborhood shot, or perfectly edited food pic. After all, that’s what I like to see, and its what my feed consists of! Nope, actually there are people out there who like me for me, and not because of my delicious meals or artful pics of plants.

Selfie Challenge

Participating in Libby’s #xoxoselfie challenge opened my eyes to the fact that, honestly, I love getting glimpses into my friends’ lives, and they probably like getting glimpses into mine. Sure, a picture of my croissant is a glimpse into my life, but it’s easier to make that a “fluff” post as opposed to — BAM– a pic of my face and a little personal update. Selfies are often seen as narcissistic, but aren’t “show-off-y” pics of an amazing brunch just as self-centered if not more so? “Look at what a great time I’m having” can occasionally blur into “be jealous of me,” right? I mean, it’s totally possible I am having a great time and for that matter, too self conscious to put myself in the photo so I let the food/coffee/scenery speak for me.

Especially considering that I haven’t been that crazy about my own looks lately, it’s nice to have that little nudge. “Hey, you’re OK.” A little exercise in self-appreciation when it’s so easy and we are so used to putting ourselves down. My thoughts are interesting. My stories are mine. I don’t plan for my whole feed to consist of selfies now, or ever, but I might just slip in some more personal thoughts every so often.