Media Unit Comparisons

So, when we went down to IKEA in September we had plans to come home with this baby:

IKEA PS, $99
IKEA PS, $99

The price was right! The punch of color was way awesome! I did my homework and checked in-store availability on this bad boy and there were supposed to be 10 on that Saturday. By the time we got to IKEA they were out. They didn’t even have the white version, which at the moment I was tempted to get as an alternative, but now I’m glad they were out ’cause I wouldn’t be as happy with white.

Today, I came across this guy:

CB2 go-cart, $159
CB2 go-cart, $159

This is $60 more but CB2 delivers and IEKA doesn’t. Of course I’ll have to pay shipping so the price goes up again. I like this, obviously the red one had concealed storage and this decidedly doesn’t. But picturing some kraft paper covered boxes or a few rustic baskets underneath really does seem to appeal to me. One reviewer mentioned that vinyl records fit comfortably underneath, and it is shorter but longer than the other media unit, which may fit the space I’m trying to fill better.

I’m signing up for CB2 e-mails in case they have a crazy sale or free shipping promotion sometime soon!

Which do you prefer? I’m still exploring options. Got a different recommendation? I’d love to hear it! Click each image to be taken to its page for more details. 


Inspired by: J Crew

Several blogs I follow do this comparison thing, sometimes with decor and sometimes with outfits, but a case of the mundays (who I recently discovered and now love) stood out recently (Wednesday) with her “Look for Less: Free People.”

The same day she posted that, I discovered the new J Crew catalog in my mailbox I got inspired to try some “look for free” via my own closet.

Shirt: J Crew, $68 (For a tank top! Can you believe it?) /  My closet: H&M, around $10
Pants: J Crew, $98 /  My closet: Target, Merona around $25
Shoes: J Crew, $68 (I imagine they’d put these with this outfit) / My closet,  Urban Outfitters clearance, $10
Plus, My Cardigan: Urban Outfitters clearance, $10 …I am definitely not ready to show off my uber white winter arms yet…

J Crew Total: $234 / My Total: $55

Granted, I would never have paid full price for any of these J Crew clothes in the first place. When it comes to brands like that (even Gap and Banana Republic, where I hit up the sales today) I NEVER pay full price unless the full price is, say, under $20 or $30, depending on what it is. It’s simply too much for one item! The great thing is that this little exercise helped me pair together some pieces of my wardrobe I wouldn’t normally have thought of to wear together. I think I’m going to try this a little more often in order to get more ideas and get more mileage out of the clothes I already have.