Silver Rim

Bad news, my friends.

I haven’t seen Mad Men but I know it’s insanely popular. The bad news part is that in my searching online for glasses like I blogged about recently, they’re all labeled “Mad Men Chic” or something like that. Meaning people (other than me) want these. Meaning the price will go up and they’ll become more scarce. Man!

Oh well, I found several:

Still hoping to stumble upon some of these at a thrift store for like a dollar apiece, however :)

On the Lookout

I had a dream that all of my silver eagle glasses (given to me by my grandparents) had been broken. Woke up distressed, but realized that aside from the one that Mosey broke a few months ago (glass cleanup + sticky lemonade cleanup is the worst) and the one I discovered last week with a giant crack in it, they are still A-OK. But I adore the design. My parents have some with an “L” on them they said I could have but transporting glassware from CA to KS is tricky business.

A couple of months ago I saw some similar ones at the local thrift shop (I think they had an “M” on them). When Mo had his fateful run-in with the bedside table I rushed over to the store to snatch them up but they’d been purchased, obviously by someone with a keen eye for style like myself.

That said, please be on the lookout for glasses like this, with a thick silver band around the top:

If you see any, pick them up for me and I will pay you back ca$h money!! They usually have a letter monogrammed on them (mine are the only I’ve seen with an eagle). I don’t care what the letter is–I think it would be fun to have a mishmash of monograms. Please help me build my collection!


So, for the longest time, I’ve been having issues with what to put above the headboard in the bedroom. That is, what’s cheap to put above the headboard in the bedroom.

First, we had a map of New York City in a frame we got for our wedding, but the proportion was killing me. The wide bed+bedside tables and wide wall really deserves something with a more horizontal nature to it. Image below: awful, right?

So, I had the courageous idea to do a New York skyline mural on the wall. In my first inspiration board, which this room is loosely based on, I’d envisioned a headboard cut out to look like a skyline. I still think it would be totally awesome.

For my skyline, I looked up some stylized NY skyline prints and adapted one onto my wall in pencil, then taped it off with blue tape with the plan to paint it. It was around this time that I started sending out lots of job applications to outside states, and we got our new landlords and Mosey, so I put off painting… and put it off, and put it off.

(Photo taken Sunday: bed not even pretending to be made) I think it would have looked really cool, I was just too hesitant to do something too permanent to a rental that, when I did it, we could have moved out on short notice. Now, a few months later, I know I could’ve done it because we obviously haven’t gone anywhere. Guess I’m starting to dig in my heels for a little while longer.

Sick of the blue tape, I took it all down (carefully, because I think the wall is in fact painted-over wallpaper, which likes to peel off) and put up some of the extra antique postcards I got in preparation for our wedding guestbook (we had guests write us a note on the back and we keep them in a box). I tried out a couple of different patterns flat on the bed before they went up on the wall.

It’s not perfect, but the arrangement meets our color scheme (sort of–I mean there is a fair amount of green, and the blue goes with the blue baseboards and curtains–features of the room chosen by previous tenants that we’ve just left as-is). It’s wider than it is tall, although I could add one more “layer” around the edge to give it a grander scale–I just don’t have postcards that look like the rest (I tried to stick with illustrations rather than photos for a more antique feel). I used sticky tack, for the first time since my freshman year of college, since I didn’t want to do anything permanent to the cards and would feel guilty putting that many holes in the wall.

Here’s another shot, closer up and from a fancy-schmancy angle:

My favorite is the first one directly to the left of the two vertical Chicago cards. It’s a view of Shelter Island and San Diego bay as seen from Point Loma! So cool that I found that old card in Kansas :)

What do you think?