Living Room Week!

This week my blog posts will be focused on my living room–the room with the most work put into it in the whole apartment.

You can expect to see

“This Time Last Year

The Cast of Characters

“Inspiration and Theme”

and finally

“Meet My Living Room”

for now, I leave you with an amateur sketch of the floor plan so you can scratch your heads and wonder how I made a room with 6 doors work.

Don't you love the entryway where only 1 door can be open at a time?

My usage of “Amateur Sketch” was a way-too-subtle reference to one of my favorite youtube videos ever.

O (3 foot tall) Christmas Tree…

Well, I didn’t want to get a tree this year because we’ll be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day in sunny (although lately I hear that isn’t the case) California. Doug loves Christmas trees apparently and insisted that we get one… so we got one from the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) and put it up Thanksgiving evening after returning from the afternoon with his family. Now, I’m glad we did because having it in the living room has helped me feel “Christmasy” all season long :)

I have saved the photos until now to keep you in suspense! Just kidding. I didn’t want to jump the gun because I didn’t feel like the tree was finished. Which it wasn’t, as I kept finding nice things to add to it until just a little bit ago. Now it’s finished and ready for a reveal. I was going to post this on Friday, Christmas eve, but then I thought people might not be at their computers obsessively checking my blog that day. So now’s as good a time as any to share the festivities with you!

Here she is, in all her 3-foot glory.

We set it up on our record album cabinet and used a set of curtains that came with the apartment (that I’d changed out but kept for just such an occasion) for a tree skirt. Oh and there are the presents that have been 75% distributed. Doesn’t look so crowded down there now.

Okay, time for some detail shots!

Paper fan ornaments I made out of an old book... I made about 5 or 6 of these.
Using the same book, I made a star for the top of the tree.
These are our "love birds" (purchased at Target for $1 each) for our first Christmas together. Cue "Awww"s.
The most expensive ornaments on the tree... pinecones. 2 "bunches" for $10 at Dillard's. The balls were $5 for a box of 20 at Target.

Additionally, those who pay attention to detail may recognize the paper circle garland from the backdrop of our Christmas Card photos.

All in all, the tree and ornaments came in at around $35. Not bad, and pretty classy if I do say so myself.

Thursday’s Thrift Store Find!

Went out on a hunt Thursday to find an oversize vase for the living room. No luck on that (still have one thrift store in Mac I haven’t checked–then it’s on to Hutch thrift stores and finally Hobby Lobby).

The good news is I found a wall hanging to put in the living room! After consulting the Mr. we hung it up and I think it balances out our LP Wall Shelves nicely.

There was no price tag on it--so I asked the lady if it was for sale. After hearing the year she was like, "Yeah... Duh, who'd want that?" Well, I WOULD!

Wait! What’s that?! A never-before seen wall color? Stay tuned for the full reveal. Which, translated, means the room has remained too messy for any good “after” shots yet.  They’re on their way, I promise.