A Piano in the Home

I believe that the last time I shared photos of the TV wall, the living room looked like this.

After hanging art

I like the art, I like the symmetry, but something seemed to be missing. With the addition of our pine shelves (to the left of the photo), it was getting to shelv-ey around here (what with spanning the whole left wall, and the Expedits dominating the TV wall). Now, this:

Wurlitzer Piano as Decor

I am so happy we hauled the (scavenged, free) vintage Wurlitzer keyboard (officially called a “stage piano”) out of storage. The instant I picked it up at the dump, I knew I wanted it somewhere in my home, but it went to go live in the I Heard A Lion practice space for a couple of years. Once we moved, though, I was unsure of where to put it in our small apartment so to maximize “useful space,” we disassembled it and stored it in the closet.

At first I thought maybe it would seem a little weird to have a vintage keyboard as a decor item at such a prime location in the living room, but its placement has made all the difference in the world! Since I don’t play, knowing what part of the house to put a keyboard in wasn’t immediately evident. Doug does, though (duh, self) and it’s fun for kids that come over to play with it (it makes a little bit of sound even when it’s not on, so it’s fun for them and not annoying for the adults). Pianos in the home are not strange at all, so I don’t know what was with my mental roadblock concerning this piano. Growing up, we always had a piano in the house. My mom’s isn’t large, but it isn’t small either. She plays well, my sister took lessons for a long time, but I was too hopeless to continue my instruction. Now, Doug plays sometimes.

We need to replace some parts inside it because it’s a little out of tune, but it’s still nice. Now I absolutely love having it as one of the focal points of the living area! Really though, I just like gazing at it.

Wurlitzer Piano as Decor

The perfect yellowy beige color typifies that era of musical equipment for me. I’ve seen amps and other gear this color and am always drawn to it!

Wurlitzer Piano

Wurlitzer Piano

I keep going back and forth on what to put underneath it, though. I had filled it with tall stacks of books, but recently we brought my old guitar home from my parents house and needed space for it and its stand. Mosey’s dog bed moved under the piano for now… but the corner is constantly evolving :)

It’s nice to be back to blogging about home stuff. I have a ton of bottled up posts!


I Heard a Lion – Little Wars

I’ve posted about I Heard A Lion on several occasions, especially the past two years when Doug was a part of the band and regularly practicing and playing shows.

The thing is, sometimes your friends are in a band and you support them just because you know they’re passionate about it… and then there are other times when you are genuinely blown away by the talent they have within them and by the music they are capable of making. Seeing them work together to create a song–many songs– something so complete with so many layers… it’s like watching a painter create a masterpiece. Well, I admit that I was a fan of I Heard a Lion long before Doug was in the band and now that he is not a part of them anymore, I still love them just as much. Maybe even more.


They have a new 6-track album coming out tomorrow, called “Little Wars.” Doug recorded some vocals and a number of keyboard tracks for this last September (you can see him in the video), and the guys have been working diligently on the album ever since. A lot of hard work and even more heart has gone into this album, so on behalf of everyone who has worked on it I encourage you to check it out. Digital downloads will be available on iTunes and Amazon this Tuesday, July 16… and if you click over to Amazon you can preview all of the songs right now. I highly recommend it!

For more news and info on physical copies of the album, make sure to like I Heard A Lion on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Rain & Records

So the song goes, “it never rains in Southern California.” Not true! This winter has been much rainier than usual for San Diego–at least it seems that way compared to what I am used to. I am thankful for it because I love having lush, green plants outside year-round.

A rainy day like this one is the perfect opportunity to stay in pajamas as long as possible, drink many cups of hot coffee and listen to records. Oh, and practice a little bit of low-light, moody photography.

Listening to Records

We were lucky enough to receive a turntable from Doug’s parents for Christmas. It has been so great to listen to records again–our other players (Crosley) both went kaput last winter! It took a little rearranging, but we hooked it up to my stereo (that I got when I turned sixteen??!) and the whole system has a spot in the heart of our living/dining area. In case you were curious–both units, as well as our TV and PS3 are all Sony. What can I say? We haven’t been disappointed (knock on wood) so we stick with a brand we trust.

Listening to Records

We have a small but well-selected collection of old and new records–lots of U2 and most of Led Zeppelin’s albums! We scaled down our collection a lot when we moved–parting with some gems to a local thrift store–because records are heavy!!

For us, it is “Monday” (Doug’s days off are Wednesday and Thursday) so I plan on getting some cleaning done and shooting more of the apartment this weekend. It won’t be long until you can see some whole room shots. I’ve been cropping the mess and unfinished bits out ever since moving in, but I think I’m finally ready to reveal our main living space!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. What are some of your favorite albums? I could listen to the one pictured, Attack and Release, over and over all day long!