Rain & Records

So the song goes, “it never rains in Southern California.” Not true! This winter has been much rainier than usual for San Diego–at least it seems that way compared to what I am used to. I am thankful for it because I love having lush, green plants outside year-round.

A rainy day like this one is the perfect opportunity to stay in pajamas as long as possible, drink many cups of hot coffee and listen to records. Oh, and practice a little bit of low-light, moody photography.

Listening to Records

We were lucky enough to receive a turntable from Doug’s parents for Christmas. It has been so great to listen to records again–our other players (Crosley) both went kaput last winter! It took a little rearranging, but we hooked it up to my stereo (that I got when I turned sixteen??!) and the whole system has a spot in the heart of our living/dining area. In case you were curious–both units, as well as our TV and PS3 are all Sony. What can I say? We haven’t been disappointed (knock on wood) so we stick with a brand we trust.

Listening to Records

We have a small but well-selected collection of old and new records–lots of U2 and most of Led Zeppelin’s albums! We scaled down our collection a lot when we moved–parting with some gems to a local thrift store–because records are heavy!!

For us, it is “Monday” (Doug’s days off are Wednesday and Thursday) so I plan on getting some cleaning done and shooting more of the apartment this weekend. It won’t be long until you can see some whole room shots. I’ve been cropping the mess and unfinished bits out ever since moving in, but I think I’m finally ready to reveal our main living space!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. What are some of your favorite albums? I could listen to the one pictured, Attack and Release, over and over all day long!


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