1- Our Old Loft

What you will see in this tour is the vintage loft I moved into sight unseen January 1, 2010. I had always dreamed of living in an apartment above a shop on Main Street, and this was my chance. We made this our home in 2010 and 2011.

Living Room

Welcome to the living room! This is where our TV watching, snacking, socializing, and everything else took place. When entering the apartment, there are two walk in closets, one on each side. This creates a kind of foyer. We separated this space from the rest of the room, while still tying the two together, by extending the cheerful yellow color into the entry way in the form of a stripe.


My “famous” wood pallet room divider played a starring role in dividing the huge space into two functional “rooms.” Here, you can see the divider creating a bedroom section and office section. The white door is the entrance to the room.

Kitchen and Dining Nook

In this first photo of the kitchen, you can see ALL of our counter space. In the last photo is the dining nook.


2 thoughts on “1- Our Old Loft”

  1. Btw, I just did the home tour again, and I have to say I smiled at the fact that the picture of us on the jetski was on your bookshelf… those were fun days and I’m glad you’re still in my life <3

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