First Reupholstery Project

A long, long time ago, I promised you pictures of the “After” of these chairs I picked up for free at the dump. And I promised them that Friday. I gotta stop promising things to you guys. Haha. Well, the cushion on the first chair was finished before that Friday, but we hadn’t purchased the refinishing products recommended by this post from The Brick House¬†(shoutout to Hemet!) so I decided to hold off on blogging about it until we shined up the wood as well.

Well, we got sick of the fabric & cushion for the second chair sitting around, and we still hadn’t/haven’t bought the stuff to try on the wood yet, but the wood has been cleaned on both (this actually made a world of difference) and the cushions have been finished as well. So I figure for lack of other content, and although this project isn’t done done, now’s as good a time as any for the not-as-big reveal!!!

Note the dingy, lumpy pink fabric. Had it been mint, I wouldn’t have minded the color or pattern but… it was actually really nasty. And when we took it off, stinky (we were wearing painter’s masks during that part of the process). This was quite creepy but inspired confidence: “no where to go but up!” So, here’s the before:

And now, the after! (The after so far, that is, we’re going to further clean and refresh the wood by following this guide.)

I’m crazy about the green link fabric we got on sale at JoAnn’s (the selection was way better than at Hobby Lobby). You can really tell the color by looking at the front edge–the sunlight kind of washes it out in this photo.¬†They are actually super comfy and covering them was so easy I’m tempted to attempt to add cushions to the white chairs we got for free from my in-laws (you can glimpse one of them in the background). Time shall tell.

What do you think? Should I try to tackle the white cafe chairs? Or should I not give up my day job…
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