Recipe for one Hemem (“turkish bath”)

One part sauna
One part YMCA locker room
Two parts massage parlor
One part questionable herbal soap

Mix well; marinate for about an hour. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

That may or may not be the extent to which I’m willing to go into it. Lets just say that another woman scrubbed me (all of me….) within an inch of my life and my body now contains 0% dead skin cells. Indeed I feel clean and my skin looks radiant. All this for 80dh (about ten bucks).


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2 thoughts on “al-Hemem”

  1. Im so jealous!! My friend when to Morocco for Spring Break when we were in Berlin and she did this, I want one so bad!!!

  2. :o. i dont know how i would have handled being scrubbed by complete strager


    (very funny recipe lol i laughed :)) )

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