Ready for my Closeup

Today I was but an accessory in my friend’s photography project: the first in her series of “modern classics,” in which she finds inspiration from classic stories and paintings (she is an Art History major) and changes them up in a way that would be appropriate for today. Today we tackled the Judgment of Paris, and did our own version of something like this (focus on the figures to the right):

No, we were not nude.
Kind of wish we got to wear these 1600s dresses.

I got to play modern Athena, complete with fake assault rifle (that’s what you get for being goddess of war I guess). She’s working on photoshopping the pics as I type this and I should have my mitts on one to show you all in the next few days.

I was happy to be photographed (I’m so vain, I certainly think this song is about me–catch the Carly Simon reference?) and happy to do this favor for my friend. I had a great time with the other models too!


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