What about the Radio?

Have you ever thought that maybe listening to the advertisements on the radio is a good thing…

I know we all like to be swooned by the power of songs that we love; one of the best parts about this being that you are not in control of what song plays next. Sure you have a choice of which station to listen to (however limited this selection may be), but hearing a song you love without having chosen to play it, cranking up that stereo and singing at the top of your lungs is an excitement unequaled by choosing a song from an mp3 playlist or cycling through tracks on a CD.

Where would radio be if we never listened to the advertisements? Would the businesses stop advertising with the stations realizing that it was ineffective, leaving them with no funds and therefore no radio station? Marconi would roll over in his grave if radio were to die, giving way to newer music listening technology. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and love using new technology, but I think it would be sad if radio were no more. So next time you want to change the station to avoid some pesky ad, think about the possibility of hearing a good commercial promoting some local small business, and give it a little bit of your attention. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to do business with the advertiser, and in the process you just might be keeping radio alive.


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One thought on “What about the Radio?”

  1. This coming from you, the champion of channel surfing? ;)
    I like listening to radio commercials, as long as they’re not for used car dealerships–oy!

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