I had a problem.

I say “had” instead of “have” because that problem is very soon to be done away with and therefore I already think of it in the past tense.

You see, in the summer of 2009 I went to Morocco. Cool, right? VERY. So, last winter, I get some stuff in the mail from American Airlines (I think) about my frequent flyer miles expiring. Now, I’m not THAT frequent of a flyer but it dawned on me that I had about 8000 miles. Not enough to put towards another ticket or anything cool like that, but plenty to rack up free subscriptions for Time, The Economist, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Lucky, and Sunset. Anyone counting? That’s 5 magazines, if I’m not forgetting any! Time and The Economist come every week, and the rest come monthly-ish. That’s a lot of paper!!

The "to be read" pile. Some will meet their unfortunate fate unread.

My problem comes in here–I’m not really the type to throw away magazines. I’ve had this problem ever since my American Girl Mag and Girls Life days. This week, though, I am biting the bullet and taking a few huge stacks to the transfer station to get recycled (they have a special bin for magazines, since they’re printed on a different kind of paper). I’ll keep Sunset for my collection, along with any especially outstanding Vogues, but everything else is going to a better place. Maybe they’ll come back as a recycled coffee cup or something some day.

Maybe someday when I have a real office/studio...

I’ve read several posts in which the bloggers say in order to cut down, they tear out the best parts and file them away. I should consider this, especially on some of my way older issues.

Can you recommend any alternate fates for these guys before their date with doomsday tomorrow?


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2 thoughts on “Magazines”

  1. Those container things for the magazines can sometimes get pretty pricey, and to save money, I use to keep all the old cereal boxes, cut the tops off at a big slant, and cover it with old newspaper to give it a new look! I’ve also seen people Mod Podge it with wallpaper or fabric, or anything else.

  2. I go through old magazines and file the especially awesome stuff. They end up in collages and on cards later. Eventually. Sometime. :)

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