My Bathroom

As promised, I photographed my weird, weird bathroom. Enjoy.

These images just might make you forget about the cold and get in the mood for spring–more specifically–Easter. You shall see why in a moment.

From the door, standing next to/in front of the sink.

As you may have noticed, I have three different pastel tiles working together here, not to mention the weird black and white smaller tile which is inset right next to the tub, around 4’x2′. At the top of the yellow tile (about 5 feet from the floor) there is a green border piece which matches the tub. Additionally, although it might look slightly dingy (if you’re used to seeing brand new remodeled bathrooms on home design blogs) I can assure you this is freshly cleaned.

Now, if you were seated on the throne, you’d see the sink (mirror above it–I didn’t take a photo of it because I couldn’t get a shot of it without me in the picture).

There are a few subtle details that make me feel more sunny about this otherwise quite decrepit bathroom. The green ceramic/tile(?) built-in niches are some of my favorites: There are 2 above the sink, one in the tub to hold soap, and another is a toilet paper dispenser.

Another cool thing is the vintage mirror–I don’t know exactly how old it is but the shape and style are decidedly art deco. Here’s a detail from the top of the mirror:

My last (but possibly most favorite) detail is the shower curtain rod. Clearly, the shower was added in during a remodel of the old room. The curtain is attached to the wall in 2 places and to the ceiling at the bend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the copper color:

So, what do you think? Questions, comments,¬†recommendations? I have a question for you: in which decade do you think this room? It seems old but I’m not sure how old… Obviously the sink and toilet hutch are new… basically I am curious about WHEN somebody picked those tile colors! I’m not even going to try to imagine WHO…


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