Last Weekend’s Total Steal

Someday, I’ll stop shopping compulsively for my apartment. But there are still so many useful things I don’t have, so for the time being I will keep snatching up mega deals when I see them.

Last weekend we went to Target to get a round tablecloth for the dining room table. See? the painting may be done but I haven’t forgotten about the lil guy (the dining room, that is). We had our choice between solid white, solid green, and solid red. Nice job, Target. I had a white tablecloth in mind anyway because it’s the easiest to clean, but I would have liked to see a bigger selection.

While there, I checked out the clearance endcaps as usual. We found some small rugs that would look good in our friends’ house but upon further inspection they varied in length by about an inch! The idea was to put them together to make it look like a larger rug but the length inconsistency knocked them out of the running. On another endcap a large box caught my eye. Three matching lamps for $27! We have no floor lamps and just two small lamps on our bedside tables. When we move to an apartment without overhead lighting we would be in a pickle. Anticipating this predicament, we snagged them. Also, the price was too good to pass up!

Here we’ve got a picture of the taller one (about 4 feet?) and one of the smaller ones. The other small one is in the office. I love the matte black metal and the clear glass ball. They look way classy for their price, and I love how the black corresponds with the other black around the room–picture frames, etc. Yes, we did have to assemble them (the tall one screws together in segments), but that will come in convenient when moving, we can essentially deconstruct it and put it in a box!


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