New Family Member

We have a new family member. It doesn’t eat or breathe though so don’t get too excited (although we’re dying to get a small dog). I guess I should backtrack and explain a little.

Well, it’s tax season. I had great fun doing our taxes (don’t look at me weird like that) and got them done about a week ago. Also, a photography studio downtown was having a going-out-of-business sale (don’t feel too bad for him–he was retiring actually). Anyway I wandered by the closeout sale and saw an opportunity we couldn’t refuse. A one-year-old used iMac. Before you get too outraged at our spontaneous purchase, let me say that Doug’s laptop hasn’t worked properly since 2005 and the cost of this beaut wasn’t even half of our tax return. Pretty good situation actually.

I’m still trying to get the hang of the operating system… I’ve been a PC person for 10+ years, and it’s weird to make the switch. Hopefully this investment will kick my blog into high gear; we’ve also got photoshop on here and I’m going to try to get more into graphic design (I might even go take some classes at a community college or something).

I promise someday I’ll stop doing “show and tell” posts and actually conquer some real projects that I can show you how I did step by step!


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2 thoughts on “New Family Member”

  1. Ooooh….I like! Our tax returns this year were pretty large, too, so I got a car (after not having one for 2 months) and now Trav is replacing his breaking truck (with a 1994 dodge something-or-other.) Your purchase is waaay more fun! And I so wish I had photoshop!

    Your blog introduced me to the Young House Love blog, and now I’m addicted. I just made my own DIY wall picture frame collage last night and finished it up tonight…I should post pics on facebook since I don’t have a blog (alas). I thought I’d post more on yours since I used to love it when people commented on my old lj lol.

    I miss you! I hope you’re doing well!

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