Okay, okay. You can hardly call it an “IKEA run” when the whole reason you drive 7 hours to Dallas is for your cousin’s wedding and just happen to make IKEA fit into your busy weekend schedule. Anyway, we bought a few necessary things for the new house.

First, we got two kitchen carts (BYGEL) to go on either side of the stove as a makeshift counter. This was really easy to put together! I was skeptical of this item when I saw it online–it looks pretty flimsy in the picture but I was impressed with its sturdiness when we went to check it out in person. The shelves are made of enamel metal, not plastic (I was worried that plastic would be affected by the heat from the oven). The wheels seem a bit superfluous because even “wheeling” the finished product into the kitchen from the dining room was a bit awkward. If I’d designed it I would have put the wheels on the same side as the handle, more like a dolly. Luckily, we aren’t going to be wheeling ours around so we’re good. Also, I’m looking forward to having drawers!

Second, we got a 6-drawer dresser (TRONDHEIM) since our current 4-and-a-half drawer dresser is completely packed to capacity. Our current apartment has two walk in closets (his and hers) which means the majority of our clothing items are hanging up. The new place just has a teeny tiny closet in the bedroom (and I want to avoid hanging clothes in the guest room if possible). Therefore, more clothes storage is in order. This way we’ll each get 3 drawers for underwear, pajamas, pants, and other things a person would normally store in drawers (I don’t know what that’d be–I stick with the 3 things I listed). We have not yet begun to put this together but let me tell you… the boxes were SO HEAVY!

Lastly, due to the aforementioned downsizing of our hanging storage, the decision was made to come up with a hanging storage solution. I’m not boho enough to just get a garment rack and stick it in my bedroom for all to see (although I do think it would be cool, knowing me it’d get messy and look like a disaster) so we went with the concealed option: a wardrobe. We had the opportunity to get a great deal on a small PAX system, which is much more versatile, but the extremely light blonde wood was a sticking point with me. So, instead we got ENGAN because we liked the walnut effect and the mirror in the door. Last night we put it together (minus the doors) and it was tedious, sort of easy and sort of hard. Can’t really explain. Oh, and that particle board is HEAVY. When we stood it upright, the legs weren’t really straight and it wobbled to one side. SUPER demoralizing. But I shoved it against the wall which kind of helped stabilize it. Tonight we add the doors and call it a wrap.

By the way, in order to fit the long, flat boxes in the car, we had to fold down the right back seat and the front passenger seat. For the remainder of the weekend and for the whole 7-hour trip home, one of us had to ride in the back seat, behind the driver, like a little kid! This was actually pretty funny.

Once we’re done assembling, there will be pictures, I promise :) Tonight, we’re getting a fridge in the new house! The ball is starting to roll. Moving day is Saturday, I think! Anyone want to help?


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