Mid-Century Chair Teaser

I’ll show you the “before” of what I’m currently working on now. By the end of the week, I’m sure you’ll see an “after!”

When I saw this chair i fell in love with the shape and size. I love the thin modern legs, but the slight angle between the cushion and back was the detail that clenched it for me. And the fact that there were two of them. The lumpy faded pink cushion? Not so much. (Actually, I don’t hate the color.) Thing is, the foam inside is all deteriorated and squeezes out in the form of suspicious fine yellow powder. Very no bueno.

So, I am undertaking my first ever upholstery project! The nice thing is that this should be fairly easy. No curves. No arms. Just pop out the bottom, dispose of the nastiness, create a new cushion and cover it in updated fabric.

Anyone wanna predict my outcome?  Guesses on colors or patterns?

(Adam, you are not allowed to guess)


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2 thoughts on “Mid-Century Chair Teaser”

  1. I think you’ll stay with the pink, gray, white colors in your dinning room! Maybe striped pattern? And you’ll do fine…anything with design turns out so great when you do it!

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