Things I LUV About our Current Place

A Saturday post! I know, right? Let’s see if this actually gets any views… hopefully you’re all outside enjoying the spring weather.

I spend a lot of time being critical of our current place. It’s easy to do when the bathroom sink is little more than a trickle, the aerator is busted in the (itsy bitsy teeny tiny) kitchen sink, and the wind comes right in the windows sending our curtains and the bunting flags in my living room swaying ever so gently. So, in an effort to be positive, and because several of these things have been on my mind lately, I give you:

Things I ♥ About our Current Place

  • The baseboards. They’re huge, and I love it. It makes the wall color stand out more since there is a big block of white at the bottom for contrast.
  • The blue trim in the bedroom. Here I am, back to baseboards, but blue is something I would have never tried myself. Living with blue trim in the bedroom for a year, I’ve learned to appreciate the way it goes with the tan walls–especially since the bedroom isn’t a “blue” room–it gives the space subtle character!
  • The scratched floors–this means we don’t have to be too careful when moving furniture or anything because they’re damaged enough nothing new will make a difference! However, when looking at the “big picture,” thecolor and lustre really look fine :)
  • The space. I know we’re getting a steal when you divide up rent by square foot. The layout is a little weird but not bad. While we’re on the topic of space…
  • “His and Hers” closets. I am savoring every last minute that I have my own closet. I know that when we merge someday my life and clothes organization system is going to be a little different. And I weep inside at this fact. I hope he doesn’t make me throw stuff away…
  • The big green monster bath tub. It is so big and so deep I love taking baths in it. Much larger than the tubs my family had in our bathrooms back in the day! And taking baths at college? Gross out!
Those of you who’ve been over, what’s your favorite thing?
If you haven’t, what’s your favorite part of your place?

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