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Great news! I have made the decision to move over all of my travel posts from La Route Libre to this blog, so that everything is in one place. This makes it easy for me to refer back to an old post or group of posts. For example, if you want to, you can check out all the posts I made while studying in Morocco for six weeks.  Using the wordpress tools made this incredibly easy. It even moved over all my photo files so I can easily go back and pull up highlights like this 2009 gem:

I still can’t believe I got to live an adventure like this. 

Please note that the navigation bar has more things on it! You can see Where I’ve Been or take some travel advice from me as Where to Stay is concerned.

It’s worth pointing out that the La Route Libre posts were made before I really got “into” blogging–that is, using the commonly-expected, more journalistic style that prevails on lifestyle blogs I admire. My travel posts are very much “what I did today” and personal journal in style. On My Friend Staci I have been making steps toward being more organized, topical, interesting and accessible to new readers.

What I am most excited about is being able to share my travel adventures right here instead of blogging at La Route Libre and linking it back up to this one–talk about split personality! Especially with our upcoming Eurotrip this will be the perfect place to talk about “crossover” topics like how Parisian fashion could influence home decor, planning or budgeting for a trip, and, of course posting lots of photos once we get there and back.

Can’t wait! (via)


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