This Week’s Challenge: Clean out your dresser

Friday, in a flurry of productivity, I undertook a task that is sometimes intimidating, but I am so glad I tackled it.

I took everything out of my side of the dresser (three drawers), dumped it on the bed, and put everything back in neatly.  I did this because I’d gotten really lazy putting away clean clothes (isn’t that the worst part of laundry?) and my pajamas had slowly taken up major chunks of all three drawers! How do I have so many pajamas? Can’t bring myself to throw away all of my old college/high school event shirts, I guess…

The pictures are a little small but you can tell that stuff was basically going every which way. In the top drawer is a gallon-sized Ziploc trying to hold all my my tights/pantyhose and failing. Pajamas in all three drawers. Basically a nightmare.

After, socks and underwear corralled into their respective shoeboxes (top drawer), and pajamas and camisoles neatly folded and tucked into rows. This is my favorite way to store shirts in a drawer because I can easily see them all and pull out the one I want without disturbing the rest (stacks, unfortunately, are the worst). The middle drawer houses cardigans and other sweaters. I read somewhere that you should never hang up sweaters because it’ll get deformed shoulders from hanging up for a long period of time. Here I am, making an effort. Lastly, the bottom drawer–the pants drawer–is the new home for rolled-up tights and pantyhose, in a handy box. I figure those items fall into the “leg” category (with pants) and the bottom drawer had the most available real estate.

There you have it! My incredibly riveting before and after.

My challenge to you is to do this sometime this week! It was a pretty quick fix… that is, it was about an hour from “Before” to “After.”


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