KONY 2012

Here’s something WAY WAY WAY more important that Republican vs, Democrat or any Super Tuesday mumbo jumbo. It’s about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in central Africa and the terrible things they are doing. And how this is the year that people all around the world need to put pressure on their governments to MAKE THEM STOP. Posting this right in the evening should be perfect–you can feel free to watch this important 30 minute video this evening in place of Wheel of Fortune (my vice) or before your favorite Tuesday-evening TV drama.

Please, watch this and pass it to five people you know. And maybe tweet @ your senator. Or send an old fashioned letter. Or make a phone call. Something ACTIVE, not passive.

I feel incredibly proud to have two of my friends working for Invisible Children and hope to, perhaps… join them some day? Who knows what the future will bring.


PS: I’m not directing you to the Invisible Children website at the moment because this has gotten so big that the site was getting 5000 hits a second. It took down the site.


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