Take a Tour: The Compound

Some friends of ours are house-sitting the most awesome place this summer. It was with LOTS of envy that I snapped just a few pictures of what we call “the compound” due to it’s isolated nature and thick concrete walls!

I have come a complete 180° design-wise from where I was a couple of years ago. I have been converted into a believer in white walls. The white walls here really let the wood cabinets be the star, and they totally complement the southwest style of the home. The owner imported many touches from Mexico, like colorful hanging lanterns and a stamped-tin mirror in the bathroom.

I dream of someday having huge plants like this in my bohemian abode… and how incredible is that rug under the dining table?

Of course, not every wall in here was white…

What I wouldn’t give for a shelf like this taking up the whole wall!

Our friends who live here eat an extremely healthy diet and are an inspiration to me. Of course, I had pizza for dinner yesterday and a hamburger for dinner today, so I have a long ways to go. Still, I aspire to eat more “weird” vegetables and salads! It’s amazing how a salad can fill you up and make you feel great when you make sure to include protein (nuts, cheese, etc) and use garden fresh lettuce like this…

Do you have a rad place that you’d like me to invade with my camera? Please tell me it’s in central Kansas. I’m working on some beginner interior photography skills and I would LOVE to come shoot your home! E-mail me


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6 thoughts on “Take a Tour: The Compound”

      1. I would love to make my place awesome like that. But my problem besides too small is it isn’t my place. Stupid renting arghhh….

  1. wow this is so beautiful! unlike other pics of interior design you find on the net you can see the personality of the person that lives here…. completely gorgeous!!!! xx Cat

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