My Favorite Nook

My Favorite Nook

Today I am so honored to be over on Brooklyn Limestone sharing some features of my favorite nook! It was fun to see the other contributors’ favorite nooks and to have the chance to show my own.

If you are visiting today via Brooklyn Limestone, a sincere thank you for stopping by to check out the blog! Yesterday’s post will give you a much more expansive look at my apartment, along with a little philosophizing about making the most of your own home!


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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Nook”

  1. What a fun series to be a part of – there’s nothing I love more than a good nook! Especially if it’s attached to an old house that’s about to fall down – however a modern nook works too! Your corner looks like a very comfortable place to settle down and read or watch movies in!

  2. I’m actually pretty jealous of all these things you have as hand-me-downs. On one hand, having all new things is great, because you get to have the latest and greatest. On the other hand, every time you look at something from your family, you think of them. There is literally nothing that can be passed down from anyone in my family, because of all the moves everyone made. My mom lived in like 10 different houses before she moved to college, and it was too pricey to always cart everything around with them, so most of their furniture was sold each time. Then, my mom moved coasts like 3 times, then we lived in about 9 different places growing up…I seriously wish that there were more things that had a story to them in my space! This is a great example of making a personal nook. I really like that you have a space with meaning, and not just the latest trends.

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