After a brief two days in Colorado Springs we spent two half-days in Denver (evening, then morning).

Hotels in the interesting part of Denver are expensive, y’all! Much more so than I expected. Therefore we made our first foray into airbnb territory. We stayed the night in the Mulberry Cottage; very cute! There were a couple of cute cottages in a little clump set back on a large property (city lot). The hosts lived in one and listed the others on airbnb. This would have been even cooler if we’d stayed for a couple of days and gotten to know the others better.

Denver airbnb

Denver airbnb

Every time I visit a space like this, very small with just the necessities, I feel like someday I’d like to own a little cabin or something, and outfit it just right, like this one. Perhaps someday my vintage airstream will become a reality? Design*Sponge is no help of course… they featured two really cute trailer upgrades yesterday. C’mon guys! ;-)

Now, I don’t have any photos of the wedding because honestly I have taken so many photos at friends’ weddings that I never even look at again. I mean, people pay big money to hire a professional photog, and I’m going to let that person do their job and leave my camera in the trunk. I do wish I had gotten a couple of shots with some of our college friends, but my memories of the wedding, food, and playing games in the parking lot outside the church are more vivid than photos anyway.

The next morning we grabbed coffee at the VERY cute Black Eye Coffee, and I took a bunch of photos while my coffee got cold. You know, regular blogger behavior.  I just love craft coffee shops!

Black Eye

Black Eye

Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee

A vegan muffin– something I can get behind in theory but they just aren’t the same… you know? So dense!

Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee

Next, after a crazy brunch with a server I’m pretty sure was high (didn’t write anything down, took an hour to bring our food… I wonder if he still has a job?) we strolled around LoHi, the area our cottage was located in, and stopped into a few shops. After that we drove across the bridge to downtown Denver which was a mistake since the Rockies were playing. Parking was really expensive and the streets were packed! It was cool to walk around though, and I got to go into my first REI, which was very exciting but seeing all that super-specific gear reminded me how non-outdoorsy I am (although I wish I was)!

We got back to the airport with plenty time to spare but not enough time to make an alternate flight to San Diego… our flight had been delayed 3 hours(!) and the alternative one was taking off just as we rushed to the ticket counter. Cut to crying on the airport floor (I was so tired) and arriving at San Diego at 3:00 AM. Needless to say the following day went in to work around lunch time. Counting my blessings for a job that actually has PTO!

Aside from the bummer of an ending, our trip to Colorado was awesome and I just wish we had spent more time there! Definitely wanting to go back!!

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