2-Second Tip: Hardware Swap

When we got married we used most of our Target gift cards to get two pretty nice bedside tables. Gotta have a place to put your charging phone, a lamp, and a glass of water while you snooze, right? Lately I have been giving them the side-eye because their traditional look did not fit in with the mid-century boho look I have been leaning toward lately.

A couple quick impulse buys at Anthropologie fixed that quickly.

Anthro Hardware

Bedside Table Hardware Update

I don’t always gravitate to the mix-and-match look, but for these simple black tables I like it. The upper and lower are the same on each bedside table which makes sure they still look like a set.

I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, but the side tables look so much more eclectic and chic now! We swapped out the kitchen cabinet pulls at our Kansas house before selling it too, and it quickly brought the cabinets from 1930 to 2012 in, seriously, an hour’s work.

Even if you aren’t near an Anthro, there are great knobs at World Market, and even some nice traditional ones at Target or Home Depot if you just need a quick-something-new.

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2-Second Tip: Hide the TV

I know that designers like to hide televisions… there are countless techniques to hide the “ugly black rectangle” on the wall. Here’s something that might come as a shocker–the back of a TV is even more unsightly than the front! 

The way my apartment is currently arranged does not have the TV up against the wall… which means I had a big plastic black hole staring at me! I used a few accessories to camouflage it.

Back of TV

Here’s the shot from the entryway I shared yesterday. Had you noticed the TV until I pointed it out today?

Living and Dining Area

Not a groundbreaking idea, but it helps. Much like the title of this monthly series, this little spruce took seriously took two seconds.

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2-Second Tip: Frame Your Art

There comes a time in a person’s life when sticky-tack may no longer be the best option to hang art.

Don’t be afraid of putting holes in the wall! You can still hang your beloved posters, but putting them in frames dresses them up a bit. Hang them in an orderly fashion and your place will look more “grown up” in no time.

For example: We still love Led Zeppelin, but are no longer living in dorm rooms.

Framed Poster

Another tip: If you really are prohibited from putting holes in the wall, use 3M command strips to hold a frame, instead of a nail. Each package notes the load they can hold–from 2lbs to 8lbs and beyond.

This project took all of about ten minutes. :)

Make sure to check out some more 2-second tips for beautifying your space.