No Coffee Table Rings Here

I’ve been trying to refine my graphic design skills, or lack thereof, by making a few logos and stuff recently.

I entered a contest at my semi-alma mater (I got an AA there, but I got my BA elsewhere) and won!!

Last month I undertook a task on behalf of my good friends I Heard A Lion. They played a show with The Colour Revolt November 15 and knocked it outta the park. Hoping that people who hadn’t heard their stuff before would be interested, I created a logo with the website on it (using Corel Paint Shop Pro X), and had it printed on coasters that we distributed for free.


Coasters are way more hip than business cards.

They are reusable if they don’t get too soaked. In fact a stain or two helps give them street cred. Look for them at the next IHAL show.

Coaster at work. The glass is an antique given to me by my grandparents.

Headboard on a Budget

Great news! After posting my New Year’s Resolutions yesterday, I got inspired to make my bed, so I did, and made sure to snap a few pictures of our new headboard. Now that I have a headboard, I feel like a grown-up :) Although, in my next place I’d love a modern-looking platform bed. Let’s begin with the “before” shot.

Headboard (Goodwill) $5

Please excuse the tiny cell phone-camera picture.

2 Cans of “stick to anything” spray paint (Ace) $12

Total: Around $17-18

We bought the off-white and gold headboard at the Goodwill store in Salina, KS, without measuring. I estimated it was approximately a “full” size. Originally, I thought it would look nice to keep the gold part gold, but ultimately would have been way more trouble than it’d be worth. We bought one can of glossy black spray paint (probably Krylon indoor/outdoor, the one that claims to stick to anything).  One can didn’t cut it so we had to run back to Ace hardware 5 minutes before closing and buy another can. Finished spraying, went out for a nice dinner with friends at Amics (where I work, shameless plug). We left the headboard in the hall so some of the VOCs (fumes) could disperse while we ate. In fact, I think we left it outside the apartment for a full day.

The lighting is weird compared to the one below... Took this one in the evening, the other during the morning. Big difference!
I believe this was taken right after we added the headboard :)


Now, just for fun, let’s remember what the bedroom looked like when Lisa let me move in with her last January….

I'd say progress has been made. Click for a tour of what the apartment was like 2 weeks after moving in.