Wood Pallet Room Divider

Update 7/12/11
Thank you to everyone who finds this page through google, stumbleupon or pinterest (among others). It is by far the most-visited page on my blog! I never thought this project would be so popular! Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!! 


Inch by inch, the master bedroom is coming together. We still lack a headboard (looking for the perfect wrought-iron one at the perfect price takes patience) and we are in a rut when it comes to a couple of blank walls, BUT(!) we have divided up the enormous room into half-bedroom half-workspace by constructing a room divider like so:

While in Boston, we saw something like this in a fancy modern furniture store, retailing somewhere between $200-$300. Yikes! Knowing that we could make one ourselves, Doug surprised me one Saturday with pallets (free) which he had assembled like you see here!

After a bit of finessing and perfecting, we moved them into place where they sat blank for over a month. I simply didn’t have enough to hang on them and didn’t want to just do part. So patiently I accumulated New York-themed hangings and finally last weekend hung them on the wall. Using small nails and binder clips meant I didn’t have to buy frames for anything I didn’t want to poke holes in (like the RENT poster). This method of hanging also means I can switch out and add new things easily!

Now if only the perfect headboard would fall right into my lap… actually, that would probably really hurt…

Here is a wider shot of the divider in action. It was the perfect height and length to divide up a huge room into two normal-sized rooms for the office and bedroom.