You know how they say you should never put a TV in the bedroom? Well, when we got the new TV for the living room around Christmas time, we put the old one in the bedroom. Then promptly never used it. Okay, never isn’t the right word. We watched a few episodes of Growing Pains on DVD the first day.  Of course we want to watch movies, etc on our new big TV! Duh! Why use the little one? Of course the idea was to watch TV before going to bed but as the remote didn’t work, neither of us wanted to get up and turn it off, so we just didn’t watch it in the first place.

My coworker had mentioned a few times how she didn’t have a TV. I assumed it was by choice, I know of lots of people who forgo TV in favor of reading or other activities, we don’t have cable on ours, and some people don’t have at TV at all. After a little investigation, it was revealed that hers simply didn’t work, so she got rid of it (I think). I figured, we didn’t use the bedroom TV, why not just offer it to her.

Long story short:

I bought a few flowers (actually, I asked the florist for some older ones I could get for cheap, and she obliged) to liven up the empty space. Loving the fact that the big black square is gone!

“Anyone who has two [TVs] should share with the one
who has none” –Doug, paraphrasing Luke 3:11