I took some awesome photos on our Canon this weekend but I need to find/make some time to edit them before I can put them up here.

You know what takes NO time to edit and upload? If you guessed a dump of May Instagram photos, you’re right. Let’s call it a “month in review.” Note: These are but a select few of my May instagram snaps. Let’s just say I’m addicted.

During the first half of the month, I hung out with Lisa a lot. (Did you know she just opened an Etsy shop?) I also spent time with Mosey, of course. He’s my constant companion :) I also got an unexpected present from my sister!

During the second half of the month, I got a haircut, we visited my uncle’s farm in Oklahoma, then slowed things down by playing my favorite video game Top Shop (like a Engrish version of Monopoly). Also, I finally got in some good reading, and some much-needed rest.

What have you been up to? I really am interested, you know! This ain’t a one-way conversation!