Affogato usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream
topped with a shot of hot espresso.
(Thanks, Wikipedia!)

I surprised my dude with an especially nice dinner the other night which consisted of garlic-butter tilapia, garlic angelhair, and steamed veggies. Looked pretty on the place, tasted even better.

Now, after having such a great dinner, one must follow it up with an equally great dessert. Cue a last-minute run to the grocery store to get vanilla bean ice cream for affogato.

How to make your own delicious affogato. Easiest thing ever, I swear.

  1. Scoop ice cream into bowl or mug.
  2. Pour freshly made espresso over ice cream. (We use the Marimba stove-top espresso maker. I suppose you could use drip brewed coffee if that’s what you have–just make it extra strong!)
  3. Enjoy.

PS: we used small bowls here but I recommend using mugs because there is usually espresso left over after the ice cream has been eaten, and it is easier to drink out of a mug.

Fake it ’till you Bake it

Inspired by my new friend Libby’s blog about teaching yourself to cook through trial and error, I made something experimental, cute, and ultimately fabulously delicious last night. Brace yourselves for…. baby lasagnas, or lasagnettes, and I called them:

I started with some Barilla lasagna pieces, soaked 5 min in boiling water (to speed cooking time). I didn’t have an appropriately-sized baking dish, so I used my little Corningware ramekins (so cute! so french!). I cut each lasagna piece in half so as to make a square. Then I sauteed one diced tomato and 1/2 diced onion with olive oil, dried basil and oregano, and fresh rosemary (be careful! a little rosemary goes a long way!). I also threw in some zucchini, ’cause we have a TON to use up (did I mention the zucchini was almost 3 inches in diameter?). The cheese I used was mozzarella and “Italian blend.”

The layers went like so: Pam (to prevent sticking), lasagna piece, tomato mixture, mozzarella cheese, zucchini circle. Lasagna piece, tomato mixture, cheese. I used the Italian blend on top because it browns prettier than mozzarella.

Throw in a pre-heated oven (350 degrees) and bake about 20 minutes! The ramekins will be hot. Just a disclaimer.

Did I mention it was delicious? One thing I learned though: it was hard to eat the zucchini circle. The flavor it added was good, but next time I’ll chop it up to make it more bite-sized.