Stephanie’s Bachelorette Night!

Bachelorette Invite

Bachelorette party invites by Flapperdoodle on Etsy. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of being Maid of Honor was preparing Stephanie’s bachelorette party. I don’t have space to hold an event in my little apartment, and instead of a crazy weekend out of town, or reserving a table or room at a noisy, crowded restaurant, I called on a contact I had met at Sur La Table who hosts private, four-or-five course meals in their “underground supper club.”

So, our little group of ten got all fancied up and met at an undisclosed location, and the night began! Unfortunately, the low light made it really hard to snap photos. I did manage to get one grainy cell phone shot with the lady of honor!

Steph and I

We had an amazing Indian themed meal made from local ingredients.

  • Curried deviled eggs
  • Kale salad with feta and apples
  • Chicken tikka masala with rice
  • Peach strawberry crumble

Stephanie wasn’t feeling well that night, so all in all, a low-key (but so fancy!!) dinner party was just what the Dr. ordered, as opposed to a crazy night out on the town. Truly, the gourmet meal, funky and eclectic setting, wonderful service, and good friends made it a night to remember.

Goodie Bag

Hoping everyone was inspired by our chef, I sent the girls home with a “supper themed” gift bag containing a fabulous glittery paring knife, sweet treat (courtesy of our hosts), and a few recipe cards.

It’s so hard to believe this was already three weeks ago! Where does the time go?¬†


A Christmas Party and a Confession

Here is my confession. I did not take any photographs of the I Heard A Lion Christmas party hosted at my house on Saturday. This is really inexcusable considering that I now have a phone that makes it really really easy to take, edit and e-mail some decent quality photos.

I will have you know that the party was great. Considering that half of the attendees were battling an illness of some kind, it was low-key and merry. We began with snacks (everyone brought something and we ended up with a great spread: little smokies, veggie tray, cookies, home-made chocolate bark, crackers and dip, pull-bread) and then did a small gift exchange. I love giving gifts (yes, I love getting gifts) but what I really love is seeing what other people get each other! As a kid, I loved to get LOTS AND LOTS of presents on Christmas day, but over the years I have found that giving one gift forces the giver to put more thought into finding the perfect item, making it more special. Ah, what growing up does to us. Loved to spend time with our little “family,” old members and new alike.

For my contribution to the evening, I made two delicious snacks, both snagged from a blog authored by one of my mom’s friends: Elderberry Street, which I totally stumbled upon via Pinterest one day. The world really is small!! Anyway, I made Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls (which, if I make again, I know what I want to change) and the Fiesta Christmas Tree¬†(personal favorite–so easy and so good! And totally mild even though salsa is an ingredient).

The evening wrapped up with a laid-back board game (my favorite, Loaded Questions). I did the majority of the dishes and was in bed by 11:00… which is the perfect party for someone with a killer head cold!

Here’s hoping that the rest of the party attendees caught neither the cold or flu! So glad everyone could make it.