Living Room, #3.

While Doug was at Royal practice (made up of 75% I Heard A Lion), what choice did I have but to single-handedly rearrange the entire living room? Seriously, I get these drives. And I’m not satisfied until everything looks completely different.

I love how the couch and coffee table are “floating” on the rug in the middle of the room. I’m not too crazy about the armchairs in the back (not nuts about the armchairs themselves, in general, actually) but all in all, it’s a comfortable room to be in.

The thing is, we discovered that by using a splitter, we can, in fact, get cable. I don’t know if the not-to-be-named-here cable/internet company knows about this (it’s evidently common in this town), or what it has to do with what data is flowing down the cord, but so, now we can get cable. Which means ESPN for Doug and HGTV for me. So, the room re-orientation kind of had everything to do with this fact: moving the TV where the cord would reach. This meant sacrificing our setup with the big speakers–they really did make the PS3 sound good, but the TV sounds OK on it’s own anyway.

The tennis racquet is the the beginning of a possible art installment. Haven’t busted out the measuring tape, hammer and nails yet.

Here’s the deal: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before (I’ve tried not to since the timetable is hazy), but we’re going to be moving into a house within the next few months! No, we haven’t taken the plunge into homeownership, but we will be taking the plunge into homerentership. More info on that as the situation progresses, however. Anyway, that little diversion is to explain: although this setup is not ideal, it is not meant to be permanent. Depending on how quickly the house thing goes, it could be this way for a few weeks to a few months. Either way, it’s nice to have a fresh arrangement every so often.

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