Friendly Furniture

Am I the only one who views furniture as a dear friend? Even more so than clothes, I think, I get attached to the pieces of wood and/or plastic that sit firmly and consistently in their appropriate space–they provide a sense of comfort and stability. They are what makes my home mine, not somebody else’s. (Okay, I guess a locked door helps that feeling too).

That said, we have been downsizing our funriture stash since we realize that in order to afford an apartment in San Diego, at least at first, we’ll have to downsize from a two-bedroom with generous dining room to a one-bedroom with “dining area.” This is fine. I look forward to the mild weather, the sunshine, the beach, IKEA, you know… the finer things in life. However, it’s not easy for me to part with furniture, especially ones that have been with me the whole time I’ve lived here in Kansas! For example the desk-turned-media unit-turned-back-to-desk and the small blue couch were picked up by Doug and my roommate Lisa before I even moved here! Other things have been picked up for a few dollars here and there–some were even free! It’s not like I’m getting rid of big-ticket items, but the sentimental value makes up for the low price.

The good news is that by letting go, I am allowing myself to fine-tune my decorating aesthetic and opening new possibilities for future purchases ;) I’ve been pouring over the couch section in my West Elm catalog and I downloaded the IKEA catalog app for my iPhone since last year’s catalogs have already been boxed up and put away.

And now, cheesy as it is, a tribute to list of the items that have been downsized.

The desk and the tall bookshelf:

The black headboard

The blue couch

The sofa table/TV stand

The dining chairs

Pretty cheesy, I know. But the house is still starting to feel empty and we still have several weeks before we go. Luckily thanks to my hoarding tendencies we still have plenty of chairs to sit on, even after getting rid of 4 dining chairs and the blue couch. Which means that we will probably still invite company over up until the last day ;)

Gettin’ Low

Remember those blog resolutions I made about making sure to take more “before” and “during” photos to make my posts better? Remember how it was just a couple weeks ago that I proclaimed them to the world? I have been getting better as evidenced by my recent drawer clean-up, but, um, we made a change and forgot to shoot “before” pictures. Wop wop. Any habit takes time to develop, though. Anyway! Moving onward. No time to cry over unshot photos.

When we got married my parents got us a basic Hollywood bed frame to get the mattress and box spring off the floor–the below photos shows the setup from our old place, before we got our queen-sized mattress and with the bed at full height. It was perfect at the old apartment because the room itself was GIANT and everything had plenty of room to hang out. This particular bedspread (a “full/queen size,”) hit the floor and hid the Hollywood frame and all our under-bed storage. The bed scooted around, but not as much. I think the rug helped.

Unfortunately, with both Doug’s and my parents being “carpet people” we had never anticipated that on hardwood floors the wheeled bed frame would scoot all over the room, all the time. I am only slightly exaggerating.

You see, on carpet, it’s hard to move things. Especially with thick carpet where everything settles down into nice little divots that are a pain to get out of the carpet after rearranging furniture. On hardwoods, moving things is so easy. Now, add wheels to the object in question and you are in for a life of constantly repositioning furniture. Yes, even with the wheels in “locked” position! Take a simple act like sitting down on the bed to put shoes on. Scooooooooooot. How about when Mosey runs into the room at full speed and leaps on the bed with a toy in his mouth? Scooooooooooot. You get the picture. Tired of moving the bed back against the wall and/or squeezing through my measly walkway between the bed and the windows (the bed and subsequently the nightstand were totally scooted as far into the corner as possible) I decided to take executive action. Mattress, box spring, meet my friend, floor.

“Effortlessly styled to look lived-in” or “Messy room” …you decide.

Happily, losing those few inches and ditching the headboard actually makes the room seem much bigger. Considering the height of Doug’s wardrobe and the dresser (which is really close to the bed–the room is small), having the bed at full height made the room feel super crowded. Having lowered it gives the space, well, space and adds a sort of relaxed, bohemian vibe. At first I though Doug would object, seeing how he’s a million feet tall, maybe crouching all the way down to the floor would be an inconvenience for him–but he likes it too. And now it scoots around but only an inch or so at a time. It is so nice.

I’ll write up some more info on the bedspread presto-change-o at another time! :)

What do you think? 

PS: both of the couches in our living room are constantly scooting around the room all the time as well. Any advice/tips for keeping furniture put on wood/tile floors?