She’s baaaaaaack!

So, confession time. I was looking at today’s stats and was perplexed as to why today didn’t get as many views (compared to other days when I actually make posts). Then it dawned on me–I got the post all prepped to publish on my lunch break but had to rush away before actually publishing. Wa wa waaaaa.

The danish modern sofa I got from my grandma has made her way back home from the couch doctor upholsterer!  (Evidently, the couch is a she).

Now we have some REAL before and afters to talk about here. Lately I feel like everything I have to offer is “before, before, before.” The ball has begun to roll and now I can begin some afters. Well, at least, something I can call “in progress.”

I don’t know if you recall the “before,” but I sure do:

And now, with new foam, new binding (underneath the cusions) and new fabric… a whole new couch!

Here’s the GREAT part. The custom cushions I was thinking about ordering online (I fiiiinally got the fabric samples the day before we left for Texas last month–they didn’t “wow” me AT ALL) were going to run me over $300, and that’s without factoring in shipping and handling. I have no idea how much S&H would have been. Anyway, in Dallas we grabbed some GREAT dark gray microsuede(?) on clearance. The couch was going to require 6 yards to cover but since the fabric was a remnant, there were only 5 for sale. We did some quick brainstorming and decided to cover the back side of the back cushions in a different fabric for an interesting look! Anyway, we got all the fabric for less than $50, and the reupholstery (including labor, new foam, and new binding) only ran us $140! Can you believe this work of art is ours for less than $200?? I can’t either.

Here you can kind of see the texture of the fabric.

We’ve decided to keep the blue couch around for now. Unlike the light brown chairs (that Mosey camouflages into when sitting on them) the blue couch is suitable for napping and can sit 3 if people want to get cozy. More seating! With the two mid-century chairs (you can see one peeking in on the right side of the photo) completing the rectangle, the room can now easily seat 7-10!

I’m in love. With a living room. Once I fix the curtains (cut them up the middle to turn one into two) the light will be able to pour in!! I can’t wait. Well evidently I can because I’m procrastinating on the curtain project…

In All Of Its Glory

Well, when we got the new couch I had already covered it up with blankets so we could begin to use it while saving up to replace the cushions altogether. All this happened immediately, before I could document it for my blog.

Unfortunately, this ordeal has taken much longer than I had hoped, but we’re finally ready to start pursuing options as far as cushions are concerned. The website I requested some fabric samples from–weeks ago–hasn’t contacted me back so I called a man from our church who does tailoring to ask him for a recommendation. He let me know about someone from the next town over that I’m going to get a quote from. Full disclosure here, the price range we found for custom cushions online was about $300. So, we’ll see what this guy estimates for us. Even if it’s $100 more, I’m glad it will be local–I have no idea what the online guys would charge for shipping and handling, anyway. So if it’s $400-$500 we’re going to go ahead and do it. A new couch is closer to a grand, anyway, so I still think we’re saving money.

Since I had to strip the old gal down and take pictures to e-mail for my quote, I figured I’d show them with you all. Watch out. it’s kind of a hot mess.

We’re going to get all-new foam and try to get a color in the dark charcoal grey range. Gotta get a durable fabric due to Mosey’s sharp little nails. Unfortunately since we’re currently using such dilapidated cushions, it put a lot of extra stress on the support straps underneath, which broke, as you can see… and I’m going to get a quote on those, too.

Here’s a piece of the decision that hasn’t been made yet… should we get three cushions on the bottom and three on the back, as it is currently? I was toying with the idea of three on the bottom (so we can rotate them for more even wear–the middle seat is the most frequently sat-upon) and one long one across the back. Your input is welcome!