New Couch!

I was going to post this the week we got back from St Louis. I was all pumped to do so, until I found out that my XD card had become corrupted and I lost all the pictures on it–including all the pictures from the trip (that I hadn’t already posted here). Major bummer.

So I stopped blogging for a little while, because I was upset.

Anyway! I don’t want to unwrap my couch for a “before” picture like I had already taken [picture deteriorating orangey-brown cushions], so now you have a shot of what my living room looks like at the moment. The quilt currently on the couch was handmade by my great grandmother on the other side of the family. I’m planning on using it on a guest bed or something once we have multiple bedrooms.

This Danish Modern couch was given to me by my grandma in Illinois.┬áHere she is, in all her mid-century glory! And isn’t the coffee table just perfect? The couch is long enough for 3-4 people to sit on comfortably (much longer than the blue loveseat) and I can lay all the way down on it head to toe which makes it longer than 5 feet.

The big plan for it is to smooth out the places where the stain is all scratchy, and try the old oil and wax treatment. If that turns out funky, the whole thing will be sanded down so we can finish it evenly. After my first big pay day (I got a new job! More on that at a later date) we’re going to order custom cushions from El Internet in a durable coal grey for a sleek look that will match whatever direction we plan on going in for the next ten years. Bonus–all the places I’ve priced cushions come to around 300 buckaroos for the 10-year high density cushion foam. Way cheaper than a new couch!

I would try to DIY cushion covers, but given the current shape of the foam and the fact that I want new, high-density professional grade foam, I’m going the purchase route so far. Luckily, they’re all square shape, and if I ever want to re-cover the new ones at a later date, it shouldn’t be that hard!