Bonjour, Paris!

Getting to the hostel here in Paris was no small feat. There were multiple trains/metros taken, much getting lost, and many flights of stairs on my bum knee. But I’m here and I have my ibuprophen so things are looking up. What did I have for my first meal in Paris, you ask? Well, chinese pineapple chicken and pork postickers. ;) The restaurant was on the same block as my hostel. That’s all I’m giving you for an explanation.

Lets recap Rome before I forget all about it.
Missions Completed:
-eat pizza
-see colosseum
-hear someone say “mama mia”
-see School of Athens and Sistine Chapel
Missions Incomplete
-hug the pope


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2 thoughts on “Bonjour, Paris!”

  1. Glad you made it to Paris. The Pope called to offer his regrets about not seeing you; he missed the hug. He was out having the Popemobile washed (next to godliness, you know…).

  2. Getting lost is always fun X3, not really lol. But glad you made it to your hostel and from what I learned when I was abroad Paris has the most confusing underground @.@
    See you soon!

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