To the Nations

Over the past three weeks I have opened the heavy doors in the back of my mind and dusted off my web design boots. I haven’t worked on web sites since, oh, probably 2005 and boy am I rusty!  Anyway, back then I was totally an elitist and only designed sites in HTML and CSS. I am so humbled now that I have a hard time remembering things that used to come second nature to me. So I’m using the WYSIWYG site builder that comes with our web package.

That said, as part of my internship with the Missions director at my church, I have pieced together little by little a missions section for our church website. Every week I add new pages and new links to it and I’m actually becoming rather pleased with it. The first week was a struggle but now when I work on it every couple days I keep getting inspired and adding new things.

The main page is found here at Gateway Missions. We have a team going to Haiti (that I was on at one point until I realized I couldn’t realistically miss that much school) so I made a team HQ page here. Today I made this unimpressive little number–not so exciting on its own but I am enjoying adding more and more layers to this growing section of the site.

That, and I get to put some knowledge from my International Studies classes to work! Yay for real-life application of school idas!


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